UPS Members



 The first round of Local Negotiations will be October 22 & 23, 2018

We have heard you at the meeting and now have taken up the concern and the Committee will be deciding on what to propose to Management
for your concerns. There has been a lot of conversation about should we open the Local or just take it all to National Table.
Here is some input on this topic, if we do nothing, how does National know we have any problems at the local level? If we only bring two things to the table,
Raises and Pension reform, at least they know what we desire. Even though each of those two items are going to be dealt with at National, they will know
what we want. If we do not open the local, it gives the appearance that we do not want to even discuss wages. Wages and Pension rehab I think are in the
Local for the reason you must open local to discuss. We can choose to take up these two topics and that is it, but the committee will help decide. The other
question has been raised, if we do not want an issue brought forth by the company, and we say, not interested and the issue goes into National, can they
impose it upon us. Again we are trying to ensure we will not vote on a National Contract until all of the local issues are dealt with. We have the support of
Gary Allen and Jimmy Conigliaro who have said they will give their best effort to have this the way we enter into National Talks.

The week of Oct. 7th the committee will get together and talk over issues and start formulating proposals.
We will keep you informed along the way.

Thank you