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Good afternoon friends,
I wanted to ensure that youíve received the information regarding
the 2017 Newsletter and Website Contest. The deadline to submit
entries is Friday, May 4, 2018. While thereís still some time Ė
I just wanted to make sure that our Local and District Communicators
had the opportunity to submit for the contest. If you need the forms,
please donít hesitate to let me know. Iíll be sure to get them to you.
Additionally, we have the 2018 Photography Contest.
It needs to be pictures of our members at work (not posing).
Those arenít due until June 1.
For more information (including the entry forms and release papers)
please visit

With thanks and solidarity,
Melissa Campbell
Education Representative
IAMAW Western Territory

The IAM and IBT (International Brotherhood of Teamsters) have reached a solidarity agreement
Please click here to read.
Thank you.

Ever think about College, well here is a fantastic opportunity to go,
The IAM has opened another door for it members, Free College,
Click the link below to find out more details
Eastern Gateway Community College

Guide Dogs are here and
willing to help.


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This is the official website of IAM Local Lodge 1005. Please check here often for the latest LL 1005 news and updates from the IAM.

Next Local Meeting February 17th at 10am
Updated February 2, 2018