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*****Information from 6/13/2018*****
You have until July 30, 2018 to submit information to the committee. After that they are going in to session to work on all of the information submitted. The committee has until end of November to develop and submit a plan to congress for a vote.
Send your story here to be heard.
And make sure you are speaking loud enough, we all are in this fight, it is not a Dems vs Republicans, this fight is for everyone who has put wages aside for future benefits, you paid into the system you deserve the benefit from it.

Ever think about College, well here is a fantastic opportunity to go,
The IAM has opened another door for it members, Free College,
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Eastern Gateway Community College


Growth Prosperity Strength II Training
June 9th at noon at the Dist. W24 Hall
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Guide Dogs are here and
willing to help.

No Membership Classes for July & August


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IAM Rose City
Retirees Meeting
We meet at 10am at the Dist. W24 Hall in Gladstone on the first Wednesday of each month. We would love to see all of you.

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Next Local Meeting July 21 at 10am
Updated June 14, 2018